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yay for the new year [01 Jan 2005|11:43pm]
so, it's finally 2005! i almost forgot about this journal. i've had a great break, it's been really nice. i got to reconnect with melissa. she's one of my best friends, but we didn't really "talk talk" before. our friendship became extremely on the surface, y'know? we had a really great talk at shane's house a couple of days ago, it was nice to connect with her.

last night was pretty great. i had a little shindig at my house, and we all hung out. no, we didn't get drunk, or high, or anything like that. it was just nice to be with the people i love the most.

now that 2004 is over, let's recap what happened in josie's life:
-spent another beautiful year with jake, whom i love very much
-won second place in iceskating competitions
-met wade, my personal trainer, who is amazing at what he does
-finally reconnected with both melissa and shane
-began talking to robert again and formed a strong friendship with him
-maintained my 4.0 GPA

what would i like to do in 2005?
-stay connected with my best friends
-spend another beautiful year with jake
-win FIRST place in at least one iceskating competition
-pursue modeling a little further than previously

i'm not too good with new years resolutions. so i'll leave it at this.
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another busy day [22 Dec 2004|03:21pm]
i'm surprised more than one person has added to me to their friends list. cool, but surprised.
i'm also surprised that no one mentioned my opinion on scott peterson, i thought i'd get an argument outta that ;)

i need to get going soon, i'm going to be heading over to jake's house in a bit. i was supposed to have ice-skating today, but due to the cold and harsh weather (who would have thought?), mike (my ice-skating partner) and i have decided to try to get together tomorrow on our own time and practice the routine ourselves.

does anyone have any good movie ideas? i've been a movie fiend lately, i think i've seen a lot of the ones already out. jake and i might go see a movie, depending on what we feel like doing at the time.

the second entry seems harder to write than the first. i will be sure to read everyones journal that has added me to their friends list asap.
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what to write about? [21 Dec 2004|06:20pm]
this is my first entry, so stick with me here!

so, today, i woke up, and realized my fish had died. :( it was actually quite sad, but i managed to deal. he was the oldest fish i had ever had.

so, after that, christy called me and we talked for a bit, and decided to go out to lunch. it was pretty fun, i got to talk one and one with her, which is something i haven't really been able to do in awhile.

i got home and watched some crazy tv. nothing good was on, so i ended up watching this bizarre movie.

speaking of crazy (and bizarre) what do you all think of the scott peterson case? i think it's really quite interesting. i also believe that he's innocent. when i told my friends this, they all looked at me in shock, and gave me that "what's wrong with you!" scare. but it was alright, if you feel like talking to me about WHY i believe he is innocent, comment on here.

in about 15 minutes, i'm going to see the movie closer. i heard it was a really good movie, so shane, jake and i are all going to see it. this is funny as well, because i usually never hang out with just shane and jake, but nevertheless, it's pretty neat. things have been going a lot better with both shane and jake, although we all have our moments. hmm. i should be getting ready!
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